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  • What is the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge? Open or Close

    The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is an annual international competition that rewards products/services/technologies that successfully combine sustainability, entrepreneurship and creativity. The jury will look for business plans that contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and score highly on convenience, quality and design. The winner gets €500,000 to bring his/her business to market. The runner-up will receive €200,000.

  • Who can apply? Open or Close

    - You are an innovative entrepreneur with an idea to tackle climate change
    You have a proven business plan on how to do so
    - You have a product or service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions
    - Your product/service should be developed enough to be executed and brought to market within 2 years
    - You are able to pitch your business plan in English

    To find out if your start-up meets our requirements you can have a look at our entry criteria.

  • How does it work? Open or Close

    Until the 1st of June 2017 you can complete your application. The preliminary jury will announce the 25 nominees Mid-July.
    Mid-August the preliminary jury will announce the five finalists. On 14 September 2017 the five finalists will give a final presentation for an international jury and selected audience. The winner will receive €500,000. The runner-up €200,000.

  • Until when can I submit my innovative business plan? Open or Close

    1 June 2017 12:00 CET is the deadline for submitting your entry form. Submission is free.
    You can enter the competition here. We expect a complete business plan. Not just an idea. You can always take a break and come back to continue filling out your application, but make sure to submit your business plan before 1 June 2017, 12:00 CET.
    We look forward to your entry!

  • What is in the entry form? Open or Close

    If you're curious about the questions you need to fill out, please click the link below. Here you can see which questions you have to be able to answer when filling out the entry form.

    Example entry form

  • What will the jury be looking for? Open or Close

    The jury looks for a combination of entrepreneurship, creativity and of course sustainability. Your entry should have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount you can roughly estimate. Your plan should be developed enough to be executed and brought to market within 2 years. Besides these criteria, the jury will also judges factors as communication potential, courageousness and creativity.

    Tip: Make sure you create an impressive elevator pitch, stating who you are, who is in your team, what your business is, and why you are the ones to make this a success. Good luck!

  • Who will be in the juries? Open or Close

    In the preliminary jury for the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2017 are serving:

    • Margriet Schreuders (chair): Head of Charities at Dutch Postcode Lottery
    • Raoul Kiksen: Founder and director Nederland Isoleert
    • Alexander van der Have: Investment manager at DOEN Foundation
    • Oscar Kneppers: Serial entrepreneur in tech and media
    • Guido Braam: Executive director of the action driven Circle Economy cooperative

    In the jury are serving:

    • Marty Pickett: Executive Director & General Counsel of Rocky Mountain Institute
    • Marieke van Schaik: Managing Director Dutch Postcode Lottery
    • Jim Walker: Executive Director at Climate Mobilization Fund and co-founder of The Climate Group
    • Eben Bayer: Founder of Ecovative & winner of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2008

    Two more judges has to be announced.

  • When will I find out if I'm one of the 25 nominees? Open or Close

    The preliminary jury will announce the 25 nominees Mid-July.

  • What happens to the ideas that don't win? Open or Close

    We're in touch with a number of organisations that are interested in helping to realise ideas that don't win. On your entry form, you can give these parties permission to contact you directly. The purpose of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is to stimulate people to think about products and services that can make the planet greener. We hope many of these ideas will be realised – not just the ones that take the prizes!

  • Where is the finale? Open or Close

    On 14 September 2017 the finale will be held in Amsterdam. The five finalist are going to give a presentation to the international jury and selected audience. The finalists are required to come to Amsterdam from 10 September up to and including 14 September 2017. Reasonable travel and lodging expenses will be reimbursed for these finalists.

  • Who's behind the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge? Open or Close

    The Dutch Postcode Lottery is the organiser of the competition. The Dutch Postcode Lottery works for a greener, fairer world by supporting charities in the Netherlands and abroad.

    Since 2005, the format of the Postcode Lottery has also been operating in the United Kingdom and Sweden, and since 2016 in Germany, where the People’s Postcode Lottery, Svenska PostkodLotteriet and the Deutsche Postcode Lotterie respectively raise funds for good causes. Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries is the thirdlargest private charitable donor in the world.

  • Why we do this? Open or Close

    Climate change presents a pressing challenge for us all. The world needs help embracing a more sustainable way of life, and one bright idea can make a big difference. We started the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge to promote the invention of great new green products and services. Businesses that are ready to speed up the transition towards a low carbon economy. The answers to the issues of our time are already in front of us. But it takes entrepreneurs like our finalists to raise those answers and get them out into the world.

  • Who were the previous year's finalists? Open or Close

    You can find the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge finalists from last year here on our website. 

  • What is the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Fund? Open or Close

    The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Fund is a fund for former finalists of the competition. For start-ups (new) funding is often necessary to obtain further growth. Former finalists who have sufficient potency are eligible for further investment to enable further development. For more info check out the Green Challenge Fund page on our website.


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