Marieke 280Marieke van Schaik (1970) is Managing Director of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, which is the largest charity lottery and private fundraiser in the Netherlands. In 2016, the Dutch Postcode Lottery divided €341 million among its beneficiaries in the fields of poverty alleviation, human rights, nature and environment. The Lottery was founded in 1989 and supports organisations that seek to create a fairer, greener world. Half the proceeds raised by the Dutch Postcode Lottery are donated to charity. Since it was founded, the lottery has donated over €5 billion to charity.

The Postcode Lottery organises the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge to stimulate the development of commercial projects and products that contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions or otherwise help to preserve the environment and combat climate change. In 2007, Marieke was closely involved in setting up the first Postcode Lottery Green Challenge together with PICNIC.

"The Postcode Lottery wants to make a difference, and that's why we support creative entrepreneurship. It is important that people know that the climate is changing, but even more important that something is being done."


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