Jim Laird (UK)

"Global demand for protein is dominated by animal protein and is worth more than €1trn. By 2030 demand will increase by 100M tonnes to 450M tonnes, but as populations grow the inefficiencies in animal farming are increasingly unsustainable. 3f bio is developing technology to make protein sustainable to help feed a growing global population. 3f’s patented technology covers large-scale integrated production of protein alongside bioethanol and animal Feed.

By converting carbohydrate to protein with 20 times better feed efficiency than the cow, this has transformative economic and sustainability advantages. 3f’s technology produces mycoprotein, the ingredient in the leading meatfree brand Quorn™ at half the cost, and with a 90% lower carbon footprint and 95% lower water and land footprint versus beef. The integrated process with a first-generation biorefinery takes a grain feedstock to feed the natural fermentation process used to produce mycoprotein. Lowest cost feedstocks reduce cost by c.20%; the zero-waste process diverts unfermented ‘waste’ sugars and proteins into the biorefinery providing further savings; and 3f’s process gives lower complexity and lower cost capital. 3f’s Team of 7 comprises complimentary skills across food, biotech and technology development.

The business model is based on collaborative partnerships, and having proven the advantages at lab scale, we will commission a pilot plant in late 2017, giving launch volumes in 2018 with the first industrial plant by 2019. 3f bio’s plans aim to produce 1M tonnes of protein and reduce CO2 by 5M tonnes by 2030."


3f bio - Jim Laird (United Kingdom)


green man

Jim Laird


Nominee 2017




Company 3f bio Ltd
Country United Kingdom
Founder & CEO Jim Laird
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.3fbio.com

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