Christopher White (United States)

" Atmocean is a wave energy company. Our mission is to provide affordable water and food for coastal communities around the world. The design is simple: using wave action, we pump seawater to shore. With pressurized seawater arriving on shore, we have the ability to input the seawater through an elevated land based aquaculture system to produce sustainable seafood. Following the integrated multi-trophic level aquaculture system (IMTA), the clean salt water flows back downhill regaining pressure and goes directly into a Zero electricity Reverse Osmosis desalination system (ZER/O).

This allows Atmocean to generate clean water without fossil fuels! The fresh water can either be used for direct consumption or feed land based agriculture. By vertically integrating sustainable aquaculture, desalination, and agriculture, Atmocean is able to provide a variety of sustainable products that generate a sustainable economy in rural coastal deserts and return on investment. Atmocean, Inc. is a US “C” corporation founded in 2006 to develop wave energy systems.

Acting as system integrator, Atmocean will aquire each subsystem, ship and install these units, and oversee operation of the industrial park. By centralizing these operations, we believe efficiencies will be gained and integration improved, while optimizing revenues and profitability. The company has raised $3.5 million from angel investors and co-workers to date, supporting several design iterations including full-scale manufacturing of prototype seawater pumps, over 100 days of ocean testing, five sets of wave tank tests, and eight years of technical support from Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories. Upload your elevator pitch"


Atmocean Inc. - Christopher White (United States)


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Christopher White


Nominee 2017




United States
Company Atmocean Inc.
Country United States
Founder & CEO Christopher White
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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