Pronita Saxena (India)

" Citizengage is building the world’s first platform for recycling economies. About 85% of India’s waste can be reused or recycled but almost 90% is sitting unutilised in landfills. Even in developed countries, waste is either landfilled or incinerated when it isn’t recycled. In order to change this, we require data about what is wasted across bins, real-time management of behaviour and operations, and a network of power plants, composting facilities, and recycling centres that can have their supply demand met with waste.

By building these features and unprecedented engagement around waste performance, Citizengage’s Waste-to-Resource Network reused and repurposed over 6,000 tons of waste to date across 3,000 households and over 300 businesses in Bangalore, India. Parks in the city are lit with power from a biogas plant that processes organic waste from restaurants and over 20 informal sector households now have steady incomes by participating in our recycling network. Utilisation of our Network by even 50 customers avoids 50 tons of CO2 emissions each quarter and prevents the release of methane and black carbon, GHGs that are far worse than CO2 and produced by open burning of waste.

This year, Citizengage will provide a city-level blueprint to engage the largest energy consumers and waste producers to control recycling and sustainability footprints while establishing the world’s first private, decentralised biogas grid that can be both a primary source of renewable energy and also serve as a backup to intermittent wind and solar."


Citizengage - Pronita Saxena (India)


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Pronita Saxena


Nominee 2017




Company Citizengage
Country India
Founder & CEO Pronita Saxena
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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