Gayatri Datar (Rwanda)

"Most people in developing countries live on dirt floors, which are a major cause of disease, discomfort and indignity. The only viable alternative on the market is cement, which is expensive and unsustainable.

EarthEnable provide an alternative in the form of sustainable, clean, waterproof earthen flooring. Their flooring makes homes cleaner and healthier at a much lower price for the customer and the environment than cement.

EarthEnable uses a mix of locally-sourced materials to build the floor and seal it with a varnish made from a proprietary plant-based oil that makes the floor hard, durable, clean and waterproof."

EarthEnable - Gayatri Datar (Rwanda)


green man

Gayatri Datar (USA)


Nominee 2017




Company EarthEnable
Country Rwanda
Founder & CEO Gayatri Datar
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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