Oren Ezer (Israel)

"ElectRoad offers a dynamic wireless electrification system for urban electric transportation. ElectRoad’s revolutionary technology removes the energy source (ie. NO battery, chemicals) from the vehicle and powers it wirelessly via minimal infrastructure located under the driving lane. This brings unparalleled saving in Electric Buses costs and its operations, and can lead to tremendous savings in all Electric Vehicles electric costs in urban centers. ElectRoad is based on innovative technology that substantially lowers the costs of public-transportation, reduces the hazardous emissions, and trims significantly the weight of vehicles (no fuel, gas or batteries).

The concept is based on an air gap transformer that operates at a high frequency. The primary is a stripe located under the traffic lane when the secondary is a receiver located under the vehicle chassis. ElectRoad developed a universal Receiver that transmits the energy to the vehicle engine; therefore, any electric bus brand or manufacturer (or any electric vehicle), can be adjusted to use wireless electricity.

When these buses travel over the infrastructure inserted ~8 cm under the road’s surface, energy is transferred to the vehicle to power directly the engine when vehicle is above the stripe (the stripe is passive and poses no safety concern). This liberates from the need to recharge or carry a battery, the heaviest and costliest part of electric vehicle. ElectRoad may carry a small super capacitor/ Battery to allow maneuvering and travel off grid for ~10 km, backup, and flexibility while off line."

ElectRoad - Oren Ezer (Israel)


green man

Oren Ezer


Nominee 2017




Company ElectRoad
Country Israel
Founder & CEO Oren Ezer
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.electroad.me

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