Caroline Angus (Kenya)

GravityLight is a clean, safe and money-saving light for homes without electricity. It empowers those in ‘energy poverty’ by providing an alternative to dangerous, polluting and expensive kerosene lamps, used by approximately 1.4 billion people worldwide (World Bank).

Powered by the lift of a weight, GravityLight provides instant, limitless light with no need for the sun. GravityLight transforms the kinetic energy of a slowly descending bag of rocks into electric energy – powering 3 lights for 20 minutes before simply lifting the weight to repeat.

Learning from several years of product development, testing, and user feedback in Kenya, GravityLight is building a next generation light that transforms the amount of power harnessed.

As with GravityLight, this version delivers instant power, whatever the weather, but will be able to do so at 10 times the brightness or duration, and offer both radio and mobile charging. With no running costs, it will pay for itself within 2-3 months of replacing a kerosene lamp, alleviating a significant financial burden and freeing up money for other important costs.

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Caroline Angus


Nominee 2017





GravityLight Kenya Limited - Caroline Angus (Kenya)

Company GravityLight Kenya Limited
Country Kenya
Founder & CEO Caroline Angus
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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