Jakob Jensen (Denmark )

"Heliac’s solar powered utility-scale solution generates heat at costs lower than any fossil alternative. With this extremely scalable solution we address the world's insatiable energy need. A first full-scale plant is already sold to a major European utility. Our solution is based on lenses that work exactly like magnifying glasses focusing sunlight onto a receiver reaching temperatures above 1,500C.

The lenses are made from inexpensive micro structured polymer foils attached to standard window glass. Innovative parts of the solution include - the method for producing the foils in very large quantities and at very low costs, - the optimized receivers, - design features increasing lifetime and lowering maintenance costs. The principle of producing high-temperature heat by focusing the sun’s light is also used in CSP (concentrated solar power).

CSP works well from a technology perspective. But since light is focused using mirrors that are expensive to produce, install, maintain and service it comes at high costs. Which is why CSP - although well-functioning - is only installed in few places in the world. Heliac taps into the same well-performing systems as CSP, but by replacing mirrors with our panels, we reduce costs to below coal and gas.

Our solution is applicable for areas such as district heating, process heat, desalination, cooling, and power production. Since costs is a major driver in these areas, it holds the potential to reduce GHG-emissions with double-digit percentages."

Heliac - Jakob Jensen (Denmark)


green man

Jakob Jensen


Nominee 2017




Company Heliac
Country Denmark
COO Jakob Jensen
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.heliac.dk

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