Cornelius von der Heydt (Germany)

"Hydrogenious Technologies is a pioneer in the field of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC). The LOHC technology enables easy, safe and (cost) efficient storage and transport of large amounts of hydrogen in today's infrastructure for fossil fuels by chemically binding and releasing hydrogen to and from a carrier oil. The carrier used is non-toxic, hardly flammable, non-explosive and allows for a storage density comparable to 2.000 bar hydrogen pressure storage, but at ambient conditions.

Existing hydrogen storage technologies, namely compressed and liquefied hydrogen, have significant shortfalls in storage density and/or energy demands, thus are not suitable for a large scale roll-out of sectoral integration to decarbonize the mobility and industrial sectors. With a fivefold increase in hydrogen transport capacities on a 40ttruck compared to compressed hydrogen and even the ability for rail transport, our LOHC technology thus closes the missing link for the development of a renewable and sustainable hydrogen economy where green hydrogen replaces today's carbon fuels and becomes the crude oil of the future.

Furthermore, the ability to use the existing storage facilities for fossil fuels at a refueling station will significantly reduce the required Capex for a large scale roll-out of hydrogen mobility. Founded in 2013 in Erlangen (Germany) as a spin-off of the local university, Hydrogenious now employs 45 people and has the first pilot systems in the field."

Hydrogenious Technologies - Cornelius von der Heydt (Germany)


green man

Cornelius von der Heydt


Nominee 2017




Company Hydrogenious Technologies
Country Germany
Founder & CEO Cornelius von der Heydt
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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