Jalila Essaidi (The Netherlands)

"With Mestic® we make bio-plastic and fibers directly from cow manure. Intensive farming in many parts of the world oversaturates the soil with nutrients from manure. This excess manure is an acute problem which needs to be dealt with in order to avoid major environmental catastrophes. At the same time, the Dutch government arranged the so called “National Raw Materials Agreement”, a commitment by 180 of our biggest companies to use 100% recycled and local materials by 2050.

So, why not approach manure as a source material for our manufacturing industry and tackle both needs? Now that's what we do with Mestic®! How does it work? With the method that we developed we produce a dissolving-grade-pulp from cow-manure. This pulp acts as the raw ingredient for cellulose-derivatives like cellulose acetate (bio-plastic); and viscose or similar fibers.

The fractions of manure that cannot be pulped are used to win organic solvents and other processchemicals used in the method, and with the leftover fractions we make an organic fertilizer that can compete with synthetic fertilizers. Therefore all of manure is transformed into valuable useful materials.

By implementing Mestic® we will turn the global manure problem into a new sustainable and local source of raw biodegradable materials. Making several industries, such as the textile industry, circular. Mestic® is currently operated under Inspidere BV, a biotech company, based in Eindhoven. Inspidere BV envisions, develops and implements sustainable materials and methods, and accelerates their path to market."

Inspidere (Mestic) - Jalila Essaidi (The Netherlands)


green man

Jalila Essaidi


Nominee 2017


Design/Cradle to cradle


The Netherlands
Company Inspidere (Mestic)
Country The Netherlands
Founder & CEO Jalila Essaidi
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.mestic.eu/

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