Scott Fulbright (United States)

"Living Ink is a biomaterials company that transforms algae into the world’s most sustainable printing ink. Our patent pending algae-derived ink can be used in a variety of printing presses for printing products such as packaging, marketing material, stationery and pen ink. PROBLEM: the majority of printing ink uses a significant amount of petroleum. The pigments, base and other additives in ink are synthesized from petroleum. Thus, current ink is unsustainable, non-renewable and toxic.

SOLUTION: Living Ink's technology uses algae cells as biopigments within ink formulations. Additionally, we are replacing other petroleum components with plant-based chemicals for a sustainable, renewable, 100% biodegradable and safe ink alternative. At Living Ink we develop patent pending algae cells that are specific colors, such as cyan, magenta, yellow, green and black with the ideal characteristic of traditional pigments. To scale algae production we are working with large algae farmers that grow our proprietary algae strains.

Currently, we screen print and letterpress print algae ink for customer products such as invitations, stationery and packaging. Additionally, we will be launching a stationery product line in Summer 2017. Beyond this initial product, we are focused on replacing all packaging inks and thus partnered with Ecoenclose, a leader in sustainable packaging solutions. In mid-2017, Ecoenclose has agreed to buy algae ink to print for their thousands of existing customers. Subsequently, we will look to sell ink to printers worldwide. Living Ink has raised $365K in non-dilutive capital and has $70K in sales since 2016."

Living Ink Technologies - Scott Fulbright (United States)


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Scott Fulbright


Nominee 2017




United States
Company Living Ink Technologies
Country United States
Founder & CEO Scott Fulbright
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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