Sidiki Sow (Ivory Coast)

"At Protera, we convert bio-degradable agro-industrial waste into insect protein animal feed for poultry farming and aquaculture. We provide a sustainable and natural resource friendly alternative to resource intensive productions of crops and fishmeal. Currently, 30% of the global crop production supplies animal feed. Agriculture is the largest source of greenhouse gases emissions in the world and 1/4th of the agri-food production is lost or wasted which is the largest source of methane emissions.

With a growing population expected to reach 9.6 billion people in 2050, food, meat and animal feed demand are all expected to double. It has become urgent to find alternative sources of animal feed that can meet this growing demand while preserving the environment. At Protera, we harness the 360 degree benefits of the Black Soldier Fly to offer a wide spectrum of nutrition solutions for poultry farming, aquaculture & agricultural land.

Inspired by nature, our solution is to feed birds with larvae. We breed flies to produce larva that we feed with bio-waste, therefore offering a waste recycling solution too. We process larva into powder feed and produce two by-products: compost for agriculture from the remainder of the bio-waste and insect oil for animal feed (substitute for palm oil) from the fat content of the insects that has similar properties to biodiesel.

Compared to crop production, our process involves drastically less water, land, chemicals, greenhouse gases from production and recycling and produces a much protein richer animal feed."

Protera Farms - Sidiki Sow (Ivory Coast)


green man

Sidiki Sow


Nominee 2017


Design/Cradle to cradle


Ivory Coast
Company Protera Farms
Country Ivory Coast
Founder & CEO Sidiki Sow
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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