Ginger Dosier

When thinking about invasive products or practices that have a negative impact on our ecosystem, we don’t necessarily think about bricks. However, bricks needs to be “fired”, creating carbon dioxide emissions in the process. This means that the 1.23 trillion bricks produced globally ever year actually lead to 800 million tons of emissions.

Back in 2010, Metropolis Magazine initiated an award called “Next Generation ‘The Big Fix’”, where contestants had to submit a proposal to grow bricks, rather than fire them. Inspired by the way coral reefs grow in the ocean, Ginger Dosier’s proposal won the award. Though a professor at the time, Dosier thought that starting a company was the best way to launch this technology into the world. Dosier took leave – unpaid – to found bioMASON in 2012. “It was difficult,” she said, “I didn’t have any training in business or finance and had to figure out a lot on my own.”


Ginger Dosier (USA)

Company BioMASON
Country United States
Founder & CEO Ginger Dosier
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2013
What Growing bricks
How BioMASON employs natural microorganisms and chemical processes to manufacture biological cement-based building materials.
Founded in 2012
Employees 15+
Founders wisdom “Involve your team when applying for the Green Challenge. Start early and really digest the questions. The application itself can strengthen your business plan enormously.”


Ginger Dosier


Winner 2013

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For start-ups

United States


“Winning was like a steroid shot for us: it put us on the map, gave us global validation and introduced us to our first licensees.”

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