Nick Christy (AU)

In times of drought, governments will often ask you to cut down on time spent in the shower, which is what happened in Australia in 2007. People were asked to spend no more than 4 minutes in the shower, which already accounts for about 40 litres of water. If you need to wash your hair and shave your legs, that’s quite a challenge.

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Nick Christy (AU)

Company CINTEP  
Country Australia
Founder & CEO Nick Christy
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2011
What Energy and water efficient shower
How By recycling the used water
Founded in 2008
Employees 7
Founders wisdom “Make sure you are pitching a business, not an idea. This means two things: 1. You must have a written commitment from at least one customer to pay you for what you want to do, and 2. What they are willing to pay must be at least double what it costs you to provide it. If you can tick both boxes, then execute fast and repeat!”"
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Nick Christy


Winner 2011


Soil improvement



“We were able to prove completely that we can do everything we said we could do. It’s amazing.”

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