Eben Bayer

Eben Bayer grew up on a maple farm in Vermont (USA). To fire up the boiler, they’d use wood chips, which is how Bayer first learned about mycelium or “nature’s glue”. Heaps of wood chips would – as you can imagine – start to sprout mushrooms when left exposed to the elements, and when it was time to move the wood chips into the boiler, chunks would stick to together due to the mycelium in the mushrooms. At the time, Bayer probably didn’t think he would ever use this knowledge to transform the packaging industry, but that is exactly what happened.


Eben Bayer (USA)

Company Ecovative
Country United States
Founder & CEO Eben Bayer
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2008
What Creating sustainable and decomposable (packaging) material.
How By adding mycelium – the natural “glue” found in mushrooms.
Founded in 2007
Employees 80
Founders wisdom “Be bold, make sure you are solving a large part of the environmental problem and have a truly innovative business model. When you think you’ve been bold enough, raise it up a couple notches and keep going.”
Product www.ecovativedesign.com, LinkedIn & Twitter: @ecovative

green man

Eben Bayer


Winner 2008


Design / Cradle to Cradle


United States

“You know you have surrounded yourself with the right people when you’re always the worst person around to do a certain task.”

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