Juriaan Ruys (NL)

Planet Earth has roughly 6 billion “usable” hectares to offer, soil where plants and trees can grow in order to provide food and shelter for our ecosystem. Two billion of those hectares have been seriously degraded to accommodate our less than desirable lifestyle (think: deforestation, urbanization and the effects of climate change). Wetlands account for half of those degraded hectares; the remaining one billion hectares are the playground for Jurriaan Ruys’s Land Life Company.


Land Life Company
Jurriaan Ruys (NL)

Company Land Life Company  
Country The Netherlands
Founder & CEO Jurriaan Ruys
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2015
What A sustainable and scalable solution to plant trees in arid soils.
How The Cocoon is designed to support a seedling through its critical first years. By providing water and shelter while stimulating the seedling to produce a healthy and deep root structure, tapping into the sub-surface water supply within its first year. This way, the Cocoon produces independent, strong trees, which are not reliant on external irrigation and can survive harsh conditions.
Founded in 2013
Employees 12
Founders wisdom “Connect with people and make sure your product or technology does as well. Whatever your invention is, it won’t be successful if it doesn’t speak to people’s imagination and passion.”
Product www.landlifecompany.com

green man

Jurriaan Ruys


Winner 2015


Soil improvement


The Netherlands

“The most important dollar you’ll ever receive is the one from your customer.”

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