Scot Frank (USA)

For some, summertime equals campfires and BBQ parties. However, what counts as a luxurious and enjoyable pastime for the lucky few, is actually a serious healthhazard for most. Globally, over four million people die every year from household air pollution, mostly due to cooking over burning wood, animal dung or charcoal. To paint another grim picture of the situation, the average wood-burning stove can produce 400 cigarettes worth of smoke every hour.


One Earth Designs
Scot Frank (USA)

Company One Earth Design  
Country United States
Founder & CEO Scot Frank
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2010
What Solar-powered cooking
How A portable stove that can also produce heat, electricity and even purify water
Founded in 2008
Employees 10+
Founders wisdom “Spend the time necessary to really understand the people you are trying to help, and include them in all parts of your project. Work at it with passion, because that is what will attract team members, partners and investors to your organization. Passion for your project is the fuel which helps you get through tough times.”

green man

Scot Frank


Winner 2010




United States

“The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge helped us bring this product to market, and did so in a way that met with our mission and vision and was in line with our values.”

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