Willem Kesteloo (NL)

At PHYSEE they believe in sustainable innovation without compromise. From that believe the're developing PowerWindows. PowerWindows are patented and transparent double-paned windows that convert light into electricity. Conventional glass reflects about 30% of the incoming light, we instead collect that with our coating on the outside windowpane, transport it through the glass and convert it at our solar cell strips inside the window frame. Combined with a thermal storage system, PowerWindows can save up to 50% of the total energy demand (electricity and heating) when renovating conventional commercial buildings, and up to 100% of new constructed commercial buildings.

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Willem Kesteloo (NL)

Company PHYSEE  
Country The Netherlands
Founder & CEO Willem Kesteloo
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2016
What Generating electricity with a window
How The PowerWindow from PHYSEE is a fully transparent energy-generating glass. A coating collects light that would normally be reflected, and solar cells in the frame convert it to electricity.
Founded in 2014
Employees 10
Founders wisdom "In the end we will only regret the things we didn't do"
Product Website PHYSEE
Twitter PHYSEE


Willem Kesteloo


Winner 2016




The Netherlands

“In addition to the huge injection of capital from the competition, the associated exposure and network we have gained are many times more valuable.”

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