Trang Tran (Vietnam)

Plan: Most of the world’s rice is produced in Asia where the most common method for rice straw waste disposal is burning. This releases millions of tons of Green House Gases (GHG) every year. Fargreen works with local rice farmers to divert the straw from burning and, using Fargreen’s technology, use it as a substrate to produce high quality mushrooms. In doing so, Fargreen stops the release of GHG and helps farmers escape poverty, increasing their income by 50 %. We plan to start in Vietnam and then scale our solution to other major rice producing countries like India, Philippines and Thailand.

Bio: Trang Tran is CEO and co-founder of Fargreen, a social enterprise based in her home country Vietnam. Trang is 2014 Echoing Green climate fellow and has got her MBA from the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise program at Colorado State University (CSU), U.S.A. She is very passionate about social entrepreneurship and firmly believes in its prominent role in sustainable development. Trang has spent five years working for both non-profit and for-profit development projects in Asia and Central America. Trang was CSU International Presidential Fellow (2012-2013) and the President of the Net impact student chapter at CSU (2012- 2013)- a student body promoting socially responsible business practices. Trang and her Fargreen team have won several national and international business pitch competitions including Grand Prize winner at the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2014 hosted by the University of Washington, South West U.S regional champion and third prize winner at the 2014 Walmart's Business for Better Living Challenge. She was a featured young social entrepreneur at Social Capital Markets Conference in 2013 and also a speaker at Net Impact conference, 2013.


Trang Tran (VN)

Company Fargreen
Country Vietnam
Founder & CEO Trang Tran
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Runner-up 2014
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Trang Tran


Runner-up 2014


Design / Cradle to Cradle



“We are so thrilled to be part of this global and prestigious competition. Being part of a global community like the Green Challenge which is so supportive and nurturing to young people with initiatives to change the world in a better way has been always a dream of every one of us at Fargreen. We’re really grateful and so looking forward to being in Amsterdam to share more about Fargreen and learn more about other green initiatives. This is a great milestone in our Fargreen journey and we’re confident in reaching a new level with all the opportunities that the PLGC is bringing in.”

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