Plan: Inspired by dolphins, we replace the screw propeller with a highly efficient oscillating foil (Flipper). This patented innovation demonstrates simplicity of design reflecting robustness. The sustainable O-foil technology saves up to 50% fuel and thus reduces the carbon emission by 50% as well. The first barge with O-foil propulsion is sailing successfully. This revolutionary break through is the starting point to create a transition. O-foil can modernize the inland-navigation fleet. The silent propulsion improves comfort on board and disturbs water life less. O-foil replicates natural motion for the blue road.

Update: O-foil is now preparing the technology for 86m en 110m long ships. A EU subsidy from the Ten-T programme has been rewarded to make this step. Stay tuned for more information!

Biography: My name is Patrick Heuts, I am 43 years old and living in the Netherlands. I studied electrical engineering at University of Technology in Eindhoven (NL). I have specialized in innovation management and completed the executive MBA preparation program Mastering Technology Enterprise at IMD in Lausanne (CH). After 15 years working in a variety of engineering and managerial functions for a multinational I decided to become self-employed. Meanwhile I have become a sustainable innovator with a sharp nose for technology potential. Visionary and creative to address challenges making impact. I am happily married with Roosmarijn and proud father of 2 year old son Luka. In my free time I enjoy dancing Argentine tango and doing acrobatics.


O-foil - Patrick Heuts (NL)

Company O-foil
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Founder & CEO Patrick Heuts
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Runner-up 2013
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Patrick Heuts


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The Netherlands

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