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Plan: At this UK online transport marketplace, people list goods and Ebay items they want to ship, and receive bids from hauliers with extra space on planned lorry trips. Consumers save money; trucks stay full, reducing congestion; and hauliers see increased efficiency and profits. Operating in the UK since 2008, it is setting up networks for other parts of Europe and developing a 'business toolkit' hauliers can use to book in all their work, track vehicles and deliver signed shipments.

Status: With the help of the Green Challenge prize money of Shiply has so far been launched in Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain. These new European markets now account for more than 20% of the overall business which launched in the UK in 2008.  Shiply estimates it has to date saved over 33 million un-necessary truck miles – about the same as going around the world 1,327 times.  This equates to around 11.7m kg of CO2 saved, the same as you flying from London to New York 19,311 times!

Shiply now has over 580,000 users, 45,000 transport companies and has received over 975,000 quote requests on its web site.  A new request for a delivery quote is placed on the site every 18 seconds.


Shiply - Robert Matthams (UK)

Company Shiply
Country UK
Founder & CEO Robert Matthams
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Runner-up 2009, won 200,000 euros
What Matches people needing to move goods with transport companies going there anyway.
How Over 25% of lorries run completely empty of cargo and over 50% run only part-full. By enabling consumers and businesses to make use of this spare capacity, Shiply dramatically cuts down on CO2 emissions, increases the profitability of transport companies and saves the consumer up to 75%.
Founded in  2008
Employees  Not- disclosed
Founders wisdom “Do your homework. Become an expert on your partners and competitors in the industry.”
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Robert Matthams


Runner-up 2009




United Kingdom

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