Plan: This low-cost rotating tracker increases solar panels' energy output by up to 40 per cent. A simple mechanism of easily-available materials tilts the panels toward the sun. Electricity-free, it is cheaper and easier to use than other tracking systems. We have pilot projects in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and have sold units in Malawi, India, Indonesia, Canada, United States, and Mexico. The SunSaluter provides a solution to the costliness of high-output solar systems and is easier to use and greener than motorised rotators. Suited to small-scale use, it can encourage clean energy consumption in the developing world and improve its availability in established markets.

Biography: Eden Full is the Founder of Roseicollis Technologies. She is in her junior year at Princeton University after taking time off to work on this start-up full time with the support of Peter Thiel's 20 Under 20 Fellowship. As the recipient of the Scotiabank Ecoliving Student Leadership Award, Eden founded Roseicollis Technologies, an embryonic social enterprise to take her solar panel tracking invention, among other appropriate technologies, to developing communities and established markets that need them through local innovation, awareness and engagement. Eden believes that disruptive technologies are solutions that can be deployed in both emerging and developing economies. While at Princeton, Eden initiated and curated TEDxPrincetonU, which featured prominent speakers in the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation. Proudly Canadian, Eden was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.


SunSaluter - Eden Full (CA)


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Eden Full


Runner-up 2011


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Company SunSaluter
Country Canada
Founder & CEO Eden Full
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Runner-up 2011
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Social media SunSaluter website - LinkedIn

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