Henri Nyakarundi (Rwanda )

"ARED is a Rwandan company that developed the Shiriki Hub, a mobile solar kiosk, to bring low-cost connectivity and energy services to millions of Africans. The Shiriki Hub is the cornerstone of a distributed WIFI network with each hub equipped with custom developed technology that enables the provision of grid-independent connectivity services to rural and semi-urban populations, especially to the Bottom of the Pyramid people (BOP).

The Hubs are powered by three 60 watt solar panels and are equipped with enhanced batteries and cranks to provide service on cloudy days or at night. The Hubs provide low-cost and convenient internet access as well as free access to local content and services delivered through ARED’s network. ARED’s platform is designed to deliver a virtually unlimited range of content and services through its network.

ARED’s Shiriki Hubs are designed to operate independently of energy or telecom infrastructure, and can provide off-line connection to locally stored content and services when connectivity is not available. Each Hub can provide connectivity services to 50 users within 100m. ARED applies a micro-franchise model to achieve broad scale geographic distribution and entrepreneurial empowerment to franchisees."



ARED - Henri Nyakarundi (Rwanda)


green man

Thomas Festerling (DE)


Finalist 2017




Company ARED
Country Rwanda
Founder & CEO Henri Nyakarundi
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Finalist
Website www.a-r-e-d.com

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