Sandra Rey (France)

"Glowee is a biotech startup at the crossroads of biomimicry and synthetic biology. At Glowee, we know that nature went through 3.8 billion years of successful R&D and believe that cracking the DNA of plants and animals will reveal the most sustainable solutions to the toughest problems. This is what we do, using bioluminescence to create a clean source of light.

Bioluminescence is a DNA ruled reaction enabling various living organisms (fireflies, glow-worms, and over 80% of deep-sea’s animals) to produce and emit light. At Glowee, we created a bacterial raw material able to make bioluminescence over time, to offer an ecological and self-sufficient source of light. Our core expertise is synthetic biology, which enables us to build new pathways into the genome of our bacteria to optimize the intensity and the stability of the light they emit, and to reduce the constraints around their use. Our technology has two main advantages: an outstanding quality and beauty of light, and a much lower carbon footprint over the whole value chain of the product.

Our mission: to equip the urban landscape (urban property, building facades…) with bioreactors (automatically monitored system of transparent pipes dedicated to the growth of microbes). Our long-term objective is to insert our technology within photosynthetic microbes that, in addition to being transformed to make light, can naturally depollute sewage and capture CO2. This product, called “Pipelight”, is perfect for long lasting lighting systems for middle to high scale uses, to reduce light pollution and light’s carbon footprint."


Glowee - Sandra Rey (France )


green man

Sandra Rey


Finalist 2017




Company Glowee
Country France
Founder & CEO Sandra Rey
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Finalist

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