Lex Hoefsloot (The Netherlands)

Lightyear is a spin-off of from the Solar Team Eindhoven that built two award-winning family solar car prototypes. Both these cars are energy positive meaning they produce more energy than they use. Based on the knowledge from the past 5 years and together with leading industry partners, Lightyear is now bringing the solar car to the market.

The Lightyear One is the electric car that charges itself and can be driven for months without charging. You are therefore no longer dependent on a special charging infrastructure to drive electric. This a real game changer for zero emission mobility: it enables people to drive electric anywhere in the world


Lightyear - Lex Hoefsloot (The Netherlands)


green man

Lex Hoefsloot


Finalist 2017




The Netherlands
Company Lightyear
Country The Netherlands
Founder & CEO Lex Hoefsloot
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Finalist
Website www.lightyear.one

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