What is it?

An elevator pitch is a clip of your business pitch, recorded in the time it would take you to convince a possible investor of your business plan whilst you're both in the same elevator. Because this might just happen one day, or you might find yourself at a network event, it's worthwhile to get your business pitch down to that minute and a half. That's all the time you need to pitch yourself, your plan and your product.


We're not asking you to have a professional clip made. It can be anything really. Remember that our preliminary jury will be looking at hundreds of business plans. Make sure yours stands out. You can use this elevator pitch to clarify your business plan, to state your purpose and motivate your ideas in a short, clear and convincing way.



If you are a driven social entrepreneur, your goal is to make your dream come true. To make that happen, you will need backup. Financial, but also creative and inspirational back-up. Whether you are entering the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge or not, you will have to pitch your business plan thousands of times if you are looking for investors, so just think of this assignment as an exercise in honing your skills as an entrepreneur.



You can record your elevator pitch with a webcam, the camera on your mobile phone or a regular camera. We're not looking for the best looking clip, we're looking for a good pitch. And it has to be in English.

Upload your clip to YouTube or Vimeo and copy the URL in your entry form. Make sure you test the URL, that it works, because after you have submitted your entry form there's no way to change the content anymore.

What should be in it?

  • Who are you?
  • What is your business called?
  • What is your product or service and what makes it stand out?
  • What is the greater vision?
  • What is your target market?
  • What do you need?
  • Why will this plan change the world?


Do you have an example?

Better yet, we have a short instruction clip made by CleanDrinks. Cleandrinks is a high-standard network event with the aim to address sustainability as an economic opportunity. They organise network events around the globe, so be sure to sign up on their website and tag your pitch on YouTube with "CleanDrinks" as well. Because, as they like to say: "Together we can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy!"


I want to protect my idea, is there any other way to upload it? Or can I email it directly?

No. Great ideas should not be kept secret. You don't have to include technical details in your pitch, just pitch yourself, your company, and your plan. You can however copy in a private YouTube link that is only visible to the people that you send the direct link.


Is it mandatory?

No, it's not. It is highly recommended though. The preliminary jury highly appreciates entries containing a link to your business pitch, so they can get a feel for who you are and how passionate you are about your business plan.

Good luck!!


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