All 2014 finalists will be offered to come back to Amsterdam with their team for an intensive Green Challenge Deep Dive accelerator programme early 2015. So even if a finalist doesn't win the competition, they still get access to a world of knowledge to accelerate their business. Now all that's left is finding out who the finalists are! The preliminary jury will announce the finalists on August 13th. Stay tuned...


Earlier this year, DOEN Foundation and Rockstart organised the very first Green Challenge Deep Dive, an intensive 2 week booster program specially designed for the finalists of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. It offers proven accelerator methodologies to give the participating teams top-level personal, team and business support.

We are very happy to report we will be offering this accelerator program to all this year’s finalists as well! So even if you don’t win the competition, in addition to our loyal support and network, you will also be coming back to Amsterdam early 2015 for this programme!


Who will participate in the Green Challenge Deep Dive?
All the finalists of the Green Challenge 2014, including their team (up to five people). The program will be customised towards the individual needs of each of the finalists of the Green Challenge 2014.


What's the focus of the Green Challenge Deep Dive?
Transferring knowledge and gaining experience with the use of startup working methods and new ways of thinking (lean, business model canvas, agile, scrum, etc)


Why do we offer the Green Challenge Deep Dive?
•    If you work smarter, you perform better
•    New insights and connections lead to new business opportunities (and a better execution plan)
•    By really getting to know each other and working alongside each other, the benefits of the program lasts far beyond the 15 days.
•    Stronger and more cohesive teams perform better and grow faster

Where is the programme going to be held?
In Amsterdam. The participating teams will be working from one physical location with 24/7 access for the duration of the program. 

How long does the programme take?
1,5 weeks – 2 weeks. We know that’s a lot of time out of your busy schedule, but trust us: It’s worth it!

When is the programme going to start?
Sometime in February or March 2015. More details will follow! Here is an impression of the first Green Challenge Deep Dive.

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